Welcome to Click Fit Dental Laboratories.

We are an Orthodontic Laboratory located in Dublin, Ireland, who offer a complete range of Orthodontic Appliances. At Click Fit Dental, we are aware of the importance of precise fit of dental appliances for maximum patient comfort and minimum patient treatment time for clinicians. For this reason we use the highest quality materials and latest equipment to process our dental appliances.

Click Fit Dental was founded by Brian D’Arcy to fulfill the need for accurate and precise fit dental appliances. Brian received his training as a Dental Technician in the Dublin Dental Hospital, Trinity College Dublin from where he graduated in 2005. Upon graduation as a Dental Technician, Brian won an award for the best academic presentation which was presented by the Irish Dental Association. His work was also published in the European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry 2009 Jun;17(2):73-7.



Brian has worked in Prosthodontic and Orthodontic laboratories in Ireland and Australia and in the National Maxillofacial Unit located in St. James’s Hospital, Dublin. He is a member of the Dental Technicians Association of Ireland and the Orthodontic Technicians Association and also has an active interest in digital dentistry understanding the importance of adapting to new technologies to stay competitive in the dental field.

Please find examples of the appliances that we produce throughout our site. All appliances can be custom designed to your personal specifications. Please contact us for more information.

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